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Alex Newbold

Vice President

Alex first developed his passion for agriculture working on his grandparents’ farm at Koolywurtie on the Yorke Peninsula. It was on one of these trips when as a 5-year-old he declared “when I grow up I want to make some wheat so Pa doesn’t have to worry about rain.” 30 years later he is now studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences. 
Prior to commencing his studies, he has worked as a designer in various industries including ag-tech, biotech and consumer goods and has worked in retail and the grains industry.
As a passionate advocate for young people in agriculture and as the AUASA vice president Alex is keen to mentor and welcome new students to campus. Whether it’s helping fellow students answer questions on where to find internship opportunities or what does an agronomist does he is always up for a coffee and a chat.
After graduating he would like to continue working in the grains industry as an agribusiness consultant or agronomist and will always be an advocate and voice for young people starting their careers in agriculture.

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Alex Newbold: Our Team
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