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Clare Jenkin

3rd Year Representative 

Although now a fully committed South Australian, Clare is a native to South-West Victoria and has a keen interest in livestock and mixed enterprise production. Growing up on a family farm, she was surrounded by black Angus cattle and first-cross sheep, which somewhat predetermined her future career in the agricultural sector.
After school, Clare completed her Diploma of Agriculture whilst being employed as a full time Farm Hand on a Corriedale-Hereford farm in South-East SA. This experience furthered her passion for agriculture and livestock, but also allowed her to foster major enthusiasm for animal genetics and sustainable agriculture.
Currently a 2nd year Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences student, Clare hopes to further her understanding of sustainable food production whilst also pursuing networking and employment opportunities that will broaden her knowledge of both Australian and international agricultural industries. Clare was nominated as Treasurer for 2022, a role of which she is hugely privileged to be elected and immensely excited to hold.

Clare Jenkin: Our Team
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