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Jack Hanna

3rd Year Representative

Jack is from Mt Torrens, in the Adelaide Hills and grew up on a small farm, where 13 acres of the property is vineyards. His decisions to pursue a degree and career in Agriculture heavily revolved around his Father’s involvements in the industry as a manager of horticultural and livestock enterprises. Jack says his earliest memories involve him falling asleep on the floor of the tractor as his Dad was spraying/slashing. He also enjoyed studying the Agriculture subject over his five years at Faith Lutheran College, where he completed high school.

Coming straight from Year 12 into a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Jack's main aim was to become an agronomist, however he's still unsure of his field of choice. Ideally, he would like to win a position in a graduate agronomy program with a company such as Elders or Nutrien. Although he's unsure of his industry of choice, the horticultural field is expanding at a rapid rate, which is also vastly growing his interests in that side of agriculture due to its diverse nature.

By being apart of the AUASA committee, Jack looks forward to contributing to event planning and helping make the three year degree enjoyable for those who have decided to follow similar passions.

Liam Vanschaik: TeamMember
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