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Shania Cornish

Merchandise Officer

Growing up in the South East on a small farm, located between Keith and Bordertown, Shania always knew that she loved agriculture.

After graduating from school, she started a Bachelor of Agricultural Science to further broaden her knowledge of the industry she carried a strong passion for. Currently working for a cattle stud, has allowed her to gain experience showing cattle at royal shows in Adelaide and Sydney.  


After university, Shania aims to complete a Master of Teaching which will allow her to educate the upcoming generations in the agricultural industry and give back in a way to those that have so much to her during her schooling years. Allowing students to get out of their comfort zones and achieve goals never thought possible.


She is suitable for the merchandise officer as she has a love for bringing new ideas and items for wear by students together to create memories that will be everlasting for their time at uni.

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Liam Vanschaik: TeamMember
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