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Deanna Blesing

3rd year representive

Growing up on a small farm on the Fleurieu Peninsular, located in Inman Valley, it took Deanna a little while to figure out that she loved the agriculture lifestyle. After leaving school and having more than one gap year she managed to make it over to Canada on a working holiday for two years before COVID hit. Once COVID hit, Deanna was forced to stay grounded and pushed her to sit down and think about her future. She gave Event Management (TAFE SA) a go with some further study, and it was clear to her that a lifetime in a city wasn’t for her. Therefore, it all led back to Agriculture. Realising that she missed the place she grew up, she thought the only sensible thing to do was go to university and give it her all.
Currently entering her 2nd year of university, due to complete in 2023, she is still giving it her all and seeking out every opportunity to broaden her knowledge in every aspect of agriculture. Although growing up on a farm she learnt very little, she is ensuring she is using the internship program that is part of the course to her advantage, already getting experience in areas of grain, horticulture and alpaca/sheep shearing.
Her first year at university confirmed her love for agriculture. She hasn’t found her direction yet but seems to be leaning towards the livestock sector. She aims to continue her internship journey, along with the course work, to see where she fits into the agriculture industry.

Deanna Blesing: TeamMember
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