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Jasmin Ireland

Third Year Representative

Jasmin is a passionate agricultural science student who was raised on her families farm, Deepwater Trust, near Naracoorte, South Australia. Here, her passion for agriculture started through being involved in the sheep, cattle, as well as broad-acre cropping production. Engaging in agricultural studies in high school and gaining work experience with SARDI and PIRSA only deepened her interest in agriculture.

Initially aspiring to become an agronomist, Jasmins career path took a turn during an internship with South Pacific Seeds and additional work experience on a dairy farm in the South East, SA. Now, as she approaches the completion of her degree, she finds herself open to various possibilities and is eager to accumulate diverse experiences within the industry.

Jasmin is thrilled to join the AUASA committee as Third Year Representative for 2024, as this role will allow her to give back to the agricultural community while navigating the exciting journey of her own professional development.

Shannon Blanett: TeamMember
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